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Co-ed Varsity Bowling

The regular season of bowling at Sidney High has finally come to a close with our post-season GWOC tournament at Beaver VU Bowl last Saturday.  

The boys varsity squad for the 2014-2015 season consisted of Josh Abbott  (sophomore)?, Austin Simon (freshman), Alex Hix (senior), Matt Elliott (sophomore), Lucas Finke (freshman), Jamie Wallis (junior), and Damon Huffman (junior). The varsity boys rolled into championship rounds as the 5th seed in the tournament but lost to Centerville in the first round. The boys finished 6th for the entire season of 18 total GWOC teams. The boys did manage to secure the North divisional title at the tournament being awarded 33 total points for the season. Troy was the runner up with 25 total points. The boys had an undefeated conference record of 10-0 this season, following a 10-0 record from last season. This year's boys had an overall record of 15-1. Accompanying the success we saw as a team, there are also numerous accomplishments our bowlers achieved as individuals. Damon Huffman finished the season with an average of 187.9, Matt Elliott with 202.4, Jamie Wallis with 210.6, Austin Simon with 219.9, Alex Hix with 220.4, and Josh Abbott with 230.4. Josh, Alex, and Austin received awards for the first three highest averages in the GWOC North. Josh Abbott is also officially awarded the bowler of the year for the North conference. Josh had the 4th highest average of all bowlers in the entire GWOC. I (Greg Hines) also received coach of the year in the GWOC North for the boys team.  Overall, it was another amazing season for the Sidney high boys bowling team.  

The Sidney varsity girl bowlers, consisting of Heather Gold (sophomore), Jenna Beatty (freshman), Morgan Carey (freshman), Ariona Grisham (junior), Mikayla Helman (Senior), Emily Reid (junior), and Merri Leist (senior), placed 10th in the post-season tournament. This caused the girls to tie Butler's total points for the season, resulting in a 3rd place finish in the North division. The girls went 4-4 in the North and had an overall record of 6-8.  This young team has shown worlds of improvement from last seasons' 3-7 division record and 4-13 overall record. Heather Gold finished this season with a 200.4 average, granting her the third best bowler in the GWOC North. 

The girls sectionals tournament will be held at Poelking Woodman Lanes on Febuary 25th. The boys will be at the same location on Febuary 26th.

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