ACT for All Juniors

March 1, 2017 - This spring, schools across Ohio will be participating in a state mandated opportunity for all juniors to take the ACT exam at no cost to parents or students. The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) established a limited number of dates to administer the exam; Sidney High School will administer the exam to all juniors, including UVCC students, at Sidney High School on Tuesday, March 21, 2017. 

During the administration of the test, Sidney High School must operate under ACT guidelines: a four-hour uninterrupted time period, a quiet environment (no bells or hall traffic), a limit on students per square foot (25 in a classroom, max), etc. 

As a result, regular academics at Sidney High School will be suspended on Tuesday, March 21; instead, each grade level will participate in different learning/testing activities. These activities will wrap up around noon, at which time students who walk or have a ride home are free to leave for the day. The district is not changing the bus schedule, so if a student depends on bus transportation, they must remain on campus until 2:30pm and will be supervised by school personnel. 

Requiring all juniors to take the ACT is a new initiative by ODE. All high schools across Ohio are working to accommodate the ACT testing guidelines for juniors  and serve the students in other grades. Sidney High School has decided to organize the day as follows: 

FRESHMEN will be in classrooms on the second floor of SHS participating in a college/career preparedness activity from 7:30am-11:00am. Professional advisors, counselors and staff will guide them through the Ohio Means Jobs program, allowing them to explore job choices, build a resume, and develop a cover letter for a job interview. During this time, students will also have the opportunity to meet and talk to representatives from local colleges and military branches. Freshmen students will be dismissed to the cafeteria at approximately 11:00am. Students who choose to leave at this time must check out in the lobby by the cafeteria and exit those doors. 

SOPHOMORES will be in first floor A hall and B hall classrooms participating in practice ACT exercises facilitated by instructors from SYLVAN Learning Center and SHS staff. The purpose of exposing them to the ACT test is two-fold: to experience and practice taking the test in general, and SYLVAN will score the test and provide feedback to the students for missed answers. In addition, if time allows, sophomores will have the opportunity to engage in college/career readiness activities. Sophomore students will wrap up at approximately 11:30 and will be dismissed for lunch. If students drive or have transportation, they are excused for the remainder of the day at this time; they may choose to eat in the cafeteria before leaving. 

JUNIORS will be sequestered in C/E halls to take the ACT exam. All other students will not be permitted in these halls until testing is complete. This exam is mandated by ODE and ALL juniors are expected to take it. ACT guidelines for administering the exam will be followed. The ACT typically takes 3.5-4 hours to complete. Students will stay in the classroom after completing the exam. All juniors will be excused at approximately 12:00pm. If students drive or have transportation, they are excused for the remainder of the day; they may choose to eat in the cafeteria before leaving. The state-assigned make up date will be May 3. 

SENIORS will use Tuesday, March 21, for college/career readiness opportunities. They may: 1- make a college visit; 2- job shadow/interview; 3- do community service; 4- “other” (this choice must be discussed with administration). Seniors will complete an option form stating which activity they will participate in. 

Sidney High School is working to best meet the requirements of this new state mandate while still meeting the educational needs of students in grade levels not required to take the test. 

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