This I Believe - Taylor New

Taylor New and her friend Trenten

October 26, 2017 - Students in Mrs. Sara Olding’s Accelerated English class participated in the “This I Believe” essay project. This is a national conversation started by journalist Edward R. Murrow in 1951. Over the next few weeks, students from the class of 2018 will share their personal philosophies about life.

I Believe in MH Kids By Taylor New, SHS Senior

I believe that my life has been impacted by working hand-in-hand with multi-handicapped kids. This past summer I volunteered for Camp Dalanda. Camp Dalanda is a camp dedicated to multi-handicapped kids. I was apprehensive at first because I didn’t know if I would be able to fulfill the needs of the campers. My nerves were put to rest after my camper, Noah, a 15-year-old boy who has Down Syndrome, arrived. Noah will always have a special place in my heart because he changed my life in so many ways.


I’m so thankful for being able to meet everyone that was involved with Camp Dalanda. It was such an amazing experience and affected me so much that I decided to be a student aide for the MD class at the high school during my senior year. This class is my therapy. Instead of going to study hall, I walk into that class knowing that I am going to be loved and appreciated by the students, aides, and teachers.


There are many things that I have learned from being a volunteer camp counselor and a student aide. I am the type of person who wants to hurry and get everything done. Noah taught me how to be patient when we would do crafts and walk to activities. Trenten taught me how to be a better listener. Danielle taught me how to be more compassionate. Logan taught me that tall, big kids are sometimes the most gentle and kind. Isaac taught me how to be more open rather than so standoffish. Cheyenne taught me about the power of hugs. They all taught me different life lessons that have changed the way I will approach the world. I went to Camp Dalanda thinking I would have the chance to affect some positive change for kids. I believe those kids affected positive change in me.


Taylor New is the daughter of Wade and Stacey New. She will graduate in 2018 and has always hoped to pursue a career as a paramedic. She is now considering a career as an MH teacher.

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