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SMS To Adjust Traffic Pattern

SMS Traffic Pattern October 2018 Change



Sidney Middle School will be adjusting the traffic pattern flow again to help keep students safe during drop-off/pick-up. The parking lot will be shifting to one-way around the parking lot. Please read Principal Voress' message about the change and check out the map. Patience is key when a change occurs. 


Dear Sidney Middle School Parents and Friends,

Another change in the traffic pattern and flow will be occurring soon at SMS. The goal is always student safety first and I would venture to say you would agree with me that our morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up looks rather scary most days. We have cars moving in all directions, driver frustrations with non-moving cars in the fire lane, blocked intersections, and students moving throughout parking-lot traffic to get in cars. All of this causes very unsafe situations for our students and frustrations for all the drivers.

We are moving to a ONE-WAY pattern throughout the premises. ALL traffic will flow in one direction in to and out of SMS. We will also be adding an additional drop-off and pick-up lane. We will need your help in watching for the direction of traffic flow, going slowly, and please, BE PATIENT.

Pavement paint and directional signs will start appearing as soon as Monday, October 1 if weather allows. We will start the NEW FLOW OF TRAFFIC AND THE 2nd DROP-OFF/PICK-UP LANE on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4.


· Traffic will flow in ONE-WAY direction ONLY

· There will be 2 drop-off/pick-up lanes

· All pedestrians have to cross at the crosswalk for LANE 2 pick-up/drop-off

· Drivers can no longer park in the parking lot (we do not want pedestrians walking among moving cars)

· Drivers are asked to NOT arrive and park in the fire lanes prior to 2:25

· Drivers MAY NOT BLOCK the drive between Fair Road and the Exit Only drive

We need EVERY driver to follow the traffic pattern in order for EVERY student to be safe.  Please change your time of pick-up if you are currently arriving BEFORE 2:25. ALL students are released at 2:25, so coming early and parking in the fire lane causes all afternoon pick-up to move slowly and get backed up quickly. Please start arriving at 2:25 so students can be outside and traffic can KEEP moving.

Thank You,  Principal Voress



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