Daily Schedule

8:05am  Breakfast begins
8:30am  Doors open to students; supervision by school personnel begins
8:40am  Five minute warning bell
8:45am  Tardy bell
3:15pm  Non-bus students are dismissed
3:25pm  Bus students are dismissed


Parking and Parking Lot Concerns

Your cooperation and close attention to safety are greatly appreciated as we work to keep the traffic flowing smoothly.

The Morning Drop Off

School buses will arrive each day between 8:05am and 8:15am. The buses will park in the drop off zone located on south side of the building.

Private Vehicular Traffic will be directed into the playground/parking area. We will use two lines to keep the traffic moving safely.

  • K-2nd Grades - Traffic will be directed to the left lane and drop off at the curb near the cafeteria entrance.
  • 3-5 Grades - Traffic will stay to the right and drop off near the North hallway entrance.

Please be cautious and use driving courtesies to help make the points where the traffic patterns cross remain accident free.

Afternoon Pickup

Due to recess and Physical Education, we do not usually open the parking lot until approximately 2:40pm. The first arrivals should park in the parking lot and wait on their child. Once the lot is full, you will be directed into one line that goes behind the parked cars and proceeds to the pick-up areas for K through 5th graders (same as morning drop off locations).

This does create some major safety concerns especially with students crossing into the parking lot area to meet their parent so again we stress your need to stay aware of all that is happening. Unfortunately, we cannot duplicate the same procedures we use in the morning due to the high number of cars all arriving at basically the same time. This is the only way we can keep traffic from backing up on Wapakoneta Avenue and the side streets which we must keep open to allow our buses to access the parking lot.

In the past, we have found that we can get this area cleared easily prior to bus dismissal times with everyone's cooperation.