• Alert: REMINDER: The district will be releasing 2 hours early Wednesday, December 19. Winter break begins Thursday, December 20 and goes through Wednesday, January 2. School will resume Thursday, January 3, 2019. We're wishing all of our families the happiest of holidays.
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Daily Schedule

Regular Schedule

Period 1: 7:35a—8:22a
Period 2: 8:26a—9:14a
BREAK: 9:14a—9:24a
Period 3: 9:24a—10:11a
Period 4: 10:15a—11:02a
Period 5A: 11:02a—11:32a (Lunch)
                  11:36a—12:32p (Class)
Period 5B: 11:06a—11:32a (Class
                  11:32a—12:02p (Lunch)
                  12:06a—12:32p (Class)
Period 5C: 11:06a—12:02a (Class)
                  12:02p—12:32p (Lunch)
Period 6: 12:36p—1:23p
Period 7: 1:27p—2:15p
STUDY/CLUB: 2:15p—2:30p

Pledge at the beginning of 2nd period.
Break includes second breakfast.
TV announcements during 5th period.

2-Hour Delay Schedule

Period 1: 9:35a—10:07a
Period 2: 10:11a—10:43a
Period 5A: 10:43a—11:13a (Lunch)
                  11:17a—12:13p (Class)
Period 5B: 10:47a—11:13a (Class)
                  11:13a—11:43a (Lunch)
                  11:47a—12:13p (Class)
Period 5C: 10:47a—11:43a (Class)
                  11:43a—12:13p (Lunch)
Period 3: 12:17p—12:47p
Period 4: 12:51p—1:21p
Period 6: 1:25p—1:55p
Period 7: 1:59p—2:30p

2-Hour Early Release Schedule

Period 1: 7:35a—8:06a
Period 2: 8:10a—8:41a
Period 3: 8:45a—9:16a
Period 4: 9:20a—9:51a
Period 6: 9:55a—10:26a
Period 7: 10:30a—11:00a
Period 5A: 11:00a—11:30a (Lunch)
                  11:34a—12:30p (Class)
Period 5B: 11:04a—11:30a (Class)
                  11:30a—12:00p (Lunch)
                  12:04a—12:30p (Class
Period 5C: 11:04a—12:00a (Class)
                  12:00a—12:30p (Lunch)

30-Minute Pep Assembly Schedule

Period 1: 7:35a—8:20a
Period 2: 8:24a—9:09a
BREAK: 9:09a—9:17a
Period 3: 9:17a—10:02a
Period 4: 10:006a—10:51a
Period 5A: 10:51a—11:21a (Lunch)
                  11:25a—12:21p (Class)
Period 5B: 10:55a—11:21a (Class)
                  11:21a—11:51a (Lunch)
                  11:56a—12:21p (Class)
Period 5C: 10:55a—11:51a (Class)
                  11:51a-12:21p (Lunch)
Period 7: 12:25p—1:10p
Period 7: 1:14p—2:00p
ASSEMBLY: 2:00p—2:30p