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    SCS Treasurer's Office is providing frequently asked questions regarding the upcoming levy - visit the treasurer's page by clicking Our District, then Departments. Within the treasurer's page, you can also find the most recent 5-year forecasts and assumptions. 

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Daily Schedule

Last Updated: 6/26/2020 7:57 PM

Regular Schedule

Period 1: 7:25a—8:20a
Period 2: 8:25a—9:20a
Period 3: 9:25a—10:20a
Period 4: 10:25a—11:20a
Period 5A: 11:20a—11:50a (Lunch)
                  11:55a—12:50p (Class)
Period 5B: 11:25a—11:50a (Class
                  11:50a—12:20p (Lunch)
                  12:25a—12:50p (Class)
Period 5C: 11:25a—12:20p (Class)
                  12:20p—12:50p (Lunch)
Period 6: 12:55p—1:50p
Period 7: 1:55p—2:50p


2-Hour Delay Schedule

Period 1: 9:25a—10:00a
Period 2: 10:05a—10:40a
Period 3: 10:45a—11:20a

Period 5A:11:20a—11:50a
                  11:55a—12:50p (Class)
Period 5B: 11:25a—11:50a (Class)
                  11:50a—12:20p (Lunch)
                  12:25a—12:50p (Class)
Period 5C: 11:25a—12:20a (Class)
                  12:20a—12:50p (Lunch)
Period 4: 12:55p—1:30p
Period 6: 1:35p—2:10p
Period 7: 2:15p—2:50p


2-Hour Early Release Schedule

Period 1: 7:25a—8:00a
Period 2: 8:05a—8:40a
Period 3: 8:45a—9:20a
Period 4: 9:25a—10:00a
Period 5: 10:05a—10:40a
Period 6: 10:45a—11:20a
Period 7A: 11:20a—11:50a (Lunch)
                  11:55a—12:50p (Class)
Period 7B: 11:25a—11:50a (Class)
                  11:50a—12:20p (Lunch)
                  12:25a—12:50p (Class
Period 7C: 11:25a—12:20a (Class)
                  12:20a—12:50p (Lunch)


30-Minute Pep Assembly Schedule

Period 1: 7:25a—8:15a
Period 2: 8:20a—9:10a
Period 3: 9:15a—10:05a
Period 4: 10:10a—11:00a
Period 5A: 11:00a—11:30a (Lunch)
                  11:35a—12:30p (Class)
Period 5B: 11:05a—11:30a (Class)
                  11:30a—12:00a (Lunch)
                  12:05a—12:30p (Class)
Period 5C: 11:05a—12:00p (Class)
                  12:00a-12:30p (Lunch)
Period 7: 12:35p—1:25p
Period 7: 1:30p—2:20p