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This I Believe - Taylor Clemons

Taylor Clemons

December 7, 2017 - Students in Mrs. Sara Olding’s Accelerated English class participated in the “This I Believe” essay project. This is a national conversation started by journalist Edward R. Murrow in 1951. Over the next few weeks, students from the class of 2018 will share their personal philosophies about life.


Training Wheels - By Taylor Clemons, SHS Senior


I believe in taking the training wheels off of your bicycle. When I was six years old, I rode my very first bike without training wheels. My parents took me down to Berger Park and had me positioned at the top of what seemed like the highest hill in the whole world. I began to psych myself out, worrying about the agonizing fall before it even happened. The white-knuckled grip I had on my handlebars served as an indication that fear had overtaken most of my conscious being. Nevertheless, I gave my father a hesitant nod for his push and soon found myself riding down the hill - without my training wheels.


In life, or at least the small section of mine that I’ve lived so far, I’ve realized that sometimes all you need is that push. That one push can send you spiraling into a world of new and exciting experiences. Rather than worrying about the agonizing fall, I have learned to look failure right in the eye and take risks. This will eventually lead to success if you are willing to learn from your mistakes along the way. You’ll never know the result of an action unless you act. At times, you might find yourself losing your balance or even falling off your bike. You might find yourself soaring down the hill feeling exhilarated. You might crash. Turns out, you just need to pick yourself up, bandage your scraped knee, and try again. Go right back up that hill and try again. It will be more difficult without the training wheels, but the ride will be more rewarding.


Determination and motivation will always reward you in the long run. Until then, just hold on tight to the handlebars, make a confident nod at your Dad for a push, and take another crack at the downhill- on two wheels only - no matter how bumpy the ride may be.


Taylor Clemons is the daughter of Randy and Jenny Clemons. Taylor plans to study Broadcast Journalism at Capitol University. She wants readers to know that she has mastered riding a two-wheeler.

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