Principal's Message

Greg Snyder

Welcome to Sidney High School. Greg Snyder is the high school principal and Kevin Boerger and Wesley Hunsucker are the assistant principals. Our hopes and dreams for our students are universal throughout the school district.  We want to see each of our students experience success every single day.  


Our test scores are improving. However, the effectiveness of our school cannot be gauged by the results of a test administered on a single day. We are about much more than that. We want to instill values in our young people and help them develop personal responsibility. We all learned these same virtues a long time ago-sometimes referred to as "old-fashioned values".  


We want to develop independent, successful, and life-long learners in an environment of diversity, collaboration, and unity. The inseparable bond of schools and community is strengthened by a can-do spirit that resonates across the district. Our commitment to personalized, customized learning is matched by our pledge to serve students at all levels of learning. All of our educational programs are designed and calibrated to provide excellent service to all of our customers (our students and their families). We take pride in offering competitive, dynamic learning environments that will meet the needs of all students. We want every student to have a positive experience each and every day while learning, growing, and preparing for the future.  


Thank you for your support of Sidney High School and call us anytime so we can help, 937-497-2238.




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