Trent Francis
Director of Technology

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Twenty-first-century education demands a practical, forward-thinking understanding of technology and a cooperative approach to integrating technology with the student’s home, classroom, and various student programs.


Sidney City Schools use technology to provide a strong foundation for the pursuit of excellence and lifelong learning. Technology is used to teach essential skills to learners of all abilities and cultures, to involve the skills and talents of our educational leaders and the community in promoting creative and critical thinking, and to help students, teachers, and the community fulfill their vision for education.


Along with supporting the day-to-day technology operations of the district, the Technology Department answers the technology goals of the curriculum agenda, supports the individual classroom needs of teachers, assists students with connecting their own devices to the learning systems, and maintains a sustainable technology operation.


Department Contact Information


Trent Francis, Director of Technology


Christine Jesse, Classroom Technology Coach


Kerry Keiser, Classroom Technology Coach


Cody Cagle, IT Support Specialist


Andy Scott, IT Support Specialist


Dominic Bruno, Network Specialist