One School - One Book: Vocabulary

Vocabulary Last Updated: 3/15/2022 4:13 PM

Chapter 1:

brigand - an armed thief who is (usually) a member of a band

His father, when he didn't have to hurry to town, spent hours telling John interesting things about baseball, beetles, birds' nests, boats, brigands, and butterflies.

lozenge - a small aromatic or medicated candy
Boiled candy, cotton candy, licorice all sorts, old-fashioned toffee, candied orange and lemon slices, crackerjack, jelly beans, fudge, black-currant lozenges for ticklish throats, nougat, marrons glaces, acid drops, peppermint sticks, lollipops, marshmallows, and above all, chocolates - he devoured them all.
reprove - forceful and definite in expression or action
"No, John," the doctor reproved him, "A healthy little boy who didn't eat too much candy would kick harder than that."


Chapter 2:

absentminded - lost in thought, showing preoccupation
John was wandering along in the direction of Susan's house, absentmindedly looking down at the sidewalk, when his eye was suddenly caught by a dully gleaming, silvery gray coin lying right in his path.
beckon - summon with a wave, nod, or some other gesture
He was imagining the taste of the chocolate-covered almonds and chocolate fudge on the other side of the glass when he noticed a man in a white apron standing behind the counter and beckoning to him. 

laden - filled with a great quantity

"Go ahead then.  Help yourself," the storekeeper said, pointing to a heavily laden show table piled high with large cellophana-wrapped candy boxes, all exactly alike.


Chapter 3:

amble - walk leisurely

John put on his bathrobe and slippers and ambled to the bathroom.  His sister, Mary, was still brushing her teeth, and he had to wait until she finished.




Chapter 4:

1. sneered (verb) - to say, smile, or laugh in a disrespectful way

2. slyest (adjective) - the most clever; trickiest; sneakiest

3. contentedly (adverb) - in a happy or pleased way


Chapter 5:

1. 1.  surveyed (verb) - looked or viewed in detail, especially to inspect or examine

2. 2. spectacles (noun) - eyeglasses

3. 3. treadle (noun) - a lever operated by the foot to cause motion to a machine

4. 4. basin (noun) - a container used mainly to hold water

5. 5. dismay (noun) - sudden or complete shock, sadness, or disappointment


Chapter 6:

1.  reproachfully (adverb) - in a blameful manner; disapproving of

2. retorted (verb) - responded to someone in a quick, sharp, or angry way, usually in an argument

3. securely (adverb) - safely; free from danger


Chapter 7:

1.  appetizing (adjective)- appealing or tempting to the appetite; delicious

2. spacious (adjective)- containing much space, as a house, room or vehicle; roomy

3. enviously (adverb)- in a jealous way

4. novelty (noun)- the quality of being new, fresh, or interesting


Chapter 8:

1.  romping (verb)- playing in a loud and lively manner; running or going rapidly and without any effort

2. flustered (adjective)- nervous confusion; bothered; upset


Chapter 9:

1.  indignant (adjective)- feeling or showing strong displeasure or anger at something considered unfair, offensive, or insulting
2. halted (verb)- stopped moving or operating temporarily or permanently
3. buff (noun) – a fan, admirer, or expert on a given activity or subject

Chapter 10:

1. dreadful (adjective)- causing great fear or terror; extremely bad, unpleasant, or ugly

2. dully (adjective) – in a boring way; not lively or spirited

3. peered (verb)- looked hard or closely, as if trying to see something clearly



Chapter 11: