Daily Schedule

Last Updated: 3/2/2022 7:57 PM


8:20am - Breakfast begins*; outside supervision begins
8:35am - Doors open to all students (not eating breakfast)
8:50am - Tardy bell
9:30am - Contact the office by this time for any absences
3:40pm - Walkers/SHS walk-up dismissed 
3:45pm - Bus/car riders dismissed

*Students eating breakfast are permitted to enter the cafeteria at this time.

Breakfast is not served on days when school starts after a delay.


Parking and Parking Lot Concerns

To reduce the congestion, which naturally occurs, please deliver your children at the sidewalk to the front parking lot. Parents are also requested to physically walk their child to the car if crossing the parking lot. We request that parents NOT come up to the back door blacktop area (teacher’s parking area). Parents are also NOT to exit at the traffic light; keep the flow of traffic going through the one-way front traffic pattern. NOTE: The lower area parking spots are designated for day-care vans and Dial-A-Ride.

When picking up children after school in the front parking lot, please do not stop in the middle of the parking lot and wait for your child to get into your car. The problem this causes is that traffic becomes congested on Campbell Road while a car is waiting in the “middle” of the parking lot and blocking traffic. There should be plenty of parking spaces available to pull into, and the only time a car should wait in the middle of the parking lot is when no parking spaces are available. Also, we ask that cars enter the parking lot at the traffic light. Thank you for your cooperation; this should improve the safety for your children and other cars.