Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports at SHS

Sidney High School joins all of the Sidney City Schools in implementing a Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports, or PBIS, program. 


PBIS Purpose: to create an environment that is positive, predictable, consistent, and safe for all students and staff that will lead to decreasing challenging behaviors and improving academic and behavioral outcomes for all students.


Areas of Focus: Attendance and the 3 D’s - disrespect, defiance, and disobedience



Improve absenteeism and tardies

Prevent chronic behavioral challenges

Provide proactive supports for students so they can remain in the general education environments with the appropriate supports

Provide instruction, practice, and reinforcement for students regarding expected behaviors in the various school settings


New things at SHS due to PBIS:

Each teacher selects a student of the week based on academic performance, behavior, participation, positive attitudes, etc.

Red, yellow, green stoplight for cell phone use in class. 

Stinger Bucks awarded to students once a week. 


Students earn stinger bucks by having perfect attendance for a week or exhibiting good behavior at school. If a student is referred to the office at all in a week, they do not receive a stinger buck. Stinger bucks can be redeemed at the SHS Stinger Store for different prizes such as spirit apparel. They can also be turned into the Bee Hive for major drawings at the end of each semester. If a student’s stinger buck stub is drawn at the end of the semester, you can win gift cards, and other large prizes. PBIS/Stinger Buck day is on Thursday’s at SHS in 6th period IE, where teachers will pass out the Stinger bucks based on the past week’s attendance and office referrals. 


Any businesses or organizations interested in donating items for the SHS Stinger Store or Bee Hive raffles may contact SHS Assistant Principal John Willoughby at 938-497-2238.