District Leverages Federal Grant Money to Improve Air Quality at SHS

News Release Graphic - Improved Indoor Air Quality at SHS


Sidney City Schools announced it will use $1.9 million of Federal ESSER (Elementary and Secondary Education Emergency Relief) funds to improve the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) at Sidney High School by installing a Trane Air Conditioner with MERV 13 filtration in all 29 classrooms and the gym, where no AC exists today.


“The ESSER Grant Program, part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, affords us the opportunity to help create a healthier indoor environment for our students and staff we would not otherwise be able to afford,” said Bob Humble, Superintendent, Sidney Schools.


Sidney City Schools enlisted Trane Technologies to perform an IAQ assessment that helped identify and prioritize improvements that also qualified for Federal ESSER funding, including air conditioning, ventilation, and filtration solutions. Local contractors will implement the AC installation, contributing to the local economy.


“The Trane team has proven to be a trusted partner as their strategic recommendations led us to a solution that enabled us to leverage Federal ESSER dollars to make a long-lasting impact on the health and wellness of our students in the classrooms,” Humble said. “An added bonus is the AC installation will be performed by a few local contractors, making this a true win for the community.”


 “We have been able to also leverage ESSER funds in improving technology in our classrooms,” added Humble. “However, Federal ESSER funds are restricted and therefore cannot be used to support district operations. The earned income tax levy we are asking voters to support on May 4 is still necessary to stabilize district finances.” 


On May 4, 2021, Sidney City Schools will be asking voters to approve, for 10 years, a 0.75% earned income tax levy to generate $3.3 million to support the district's day-to-day operations of schools, such as staffing, utilities, and supplies.

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