All K-2 Start
Starts 9/11/2020 Ends 9/11/2020
Contact Emerson Primary - 937-497-2261; Longfellow Primary - 937-497-2264
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Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Staggered Start

Group A - September 8, 2020
Group B - September 9, 2020
Group C - September 10, 2020



Given all of the changes to the school environment due to COVID-19, we want to welcome your child into our school in a safe and friendly way. In order to do so, all students in grades K-2 will start on a staggered schedule. This will function similarly to the way kindergarten has traditionally started in the past.


Group A will attend on Tuesday, September 8; Group B will attend on Wednesday, September 9; and Group C will attend on Thursday, September 10. All kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade students will attend on Friday, September 11. 


We sent out a phone message last Friday indicating that a letter would be sent out on Friday, August 14, notifying families which day their child will start. Due to the push back of the deadline for the COVID LEARNING CHOICE selection, the K-2 Staggered Start information will be sent home to families the week of August 17. 


The staggered start for all primary grades will allow us the opportunity to introduce students to all of the new social distancing and sanitation precautions throughout the school day, and give us an opportunity to connect in a more meaningful way to start the year.